What happens with your lawn over time

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Your lawn is constantly growing, and as each blade of grass expands and with every weed that pops up and blooms, the time and work it takes to trim, cut, and care for that lawn increases. Let’s take a look at what happens through the weeks from the moment your lawn is cut and how it affects the time and effort needed to get your lawn back into shape. 



One Week after Mowing

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A fresh cut lawn is such a sight. The sheaths and small blades are cut no more than 50 mm (or even shorter in some varieties of grass) in height with a clean and uniform look. A healthy fresh cut lawn may also have a 10-15 mm thatch layer at the base and a very thin layer of dry and freshly cut micro-cuttings returning water and easily degradable and nutrient rich materials to your lawn.


After 3 Weeks of Growth

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At three weeks after mowing, your lawn will have recovered. It enters a transition period where the turf canopy, or the top most blades, have begun to elongate and widen. The crown, or the base thickens and will become fibrous. Cutting past this point adds more time and cost to your lawn mowing service because of the growth in the top layer of your turf. As the base is thicker, this means there is more grass and more frequent emptying of the catcher required. Techniques such as double cutting to achieve a clean and tidy look may be applied depending on the amount of growth your lawn has experienced.


After 6 Weeks of Growth

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At six weeks, your lawn is overgrown. The blades are long and wide and the base is now thick and well established. Some lawns may even have grass that goes up to the knee or higher. Lawn care measures will include cutting the top layer of the overgrown turf with a whipper snipper then mowing the lawn when it’s at a manageable height. This process is time consuming for the mower and stressful to the turf as well.

We advise mowing well before your lawn reaches 6 weeks or having it taken cared for as soon as possible. Maintaining your lawn at a manageable height and having it mowed at the right frequency is something your lawn professional can advise you on depending on the season, the type of turf grass you’re growing, and the overall health of your lawn.

How We Handle Overgrown Lawns

You find yourself in a pinch, your lawn is overgrown and it is continually growing as the days go by. Your schedule has kept you from making that booking and now you’ve called us to come in and save the day. Hurray! You’ve made the right decision.

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