For experienced school mowing contractors, talk to us at Gold Coast Lawn Care. We can arrange mowing times that suit your timetable and produce a financial budget for your school’s board of directors.

Mowing Equipment 

We use a Ranger zero turn mower with a 72-inch deck for sports fields and large area mowing. We also use a Cub Cadet mower with a 60-inch deck or a push mower for smaller areas. 

Grounds Maintenance 

If you require other school grounds maintenance work like spraying, we can come to your school on the weekend. 

Mowing Times 

For minimal disruption to school life and safety reasons, we always work outside of school hours. If students are still present after school we notify a staff member that we are about to commence mowing. 

Mowing Frequency 

We mow different areas of the school at varying frequencies. We will communicate with the school so that the sports fields are mowed before games. We also try to mow just before the end of term and the beginning of a new term. If you have a special occasion at your school we can do an unscheduled mow to ensure the grounds are looking fantastic. 

Health & Safety

We have a Health & Safety policy and place great importance on eliminating potential hazards or minimising risk when undertaking mowing operations. 

All our staff have Blue Cards and Insurance.


Gold Coast Lawn Care is covered by Public Liability Insurance. We hope you will never need it but in the unlikely situation where your property is damaged our insurance will take care of it.